I'm Alana "AJ" Jackler, a content creator, pickleball fanatic, and the founder of 10•10•2.

I post daily videos sharing my love of the game, the amazing pickleball community, and the friends I've made playing pickleball. You can follow my content on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

I started the 10•10•2 store for three reasons.

First, it should be easier to purchase pickleball equipment and apparel with the security of knowing they're actually good. When items get added to the store, it will be because I have personally tested them on the court and am comfortable recommending them.

Secondly, I prefer comfortable, high quality pickleball apparel that isn't stylistically limited to just cheesy dink pun slogans or looking like a wannabe tennis pro, and I think others do, too. 10•10•2 allows me to source quality athletic apparel from trusted partners, and offer it in stylish colors and designs beyond what's normally available.

Finally, 10•10•2 helps me realize my goal of making pickleball my full-time career. Know that when you purchase from this site, you're supporting a home based small business, and helping get me closer to making my living sharing the joy of pickleball.

Why the name the 10•10•2? Because win or lose, whenever a game's score goes to 10-10-2, it's a really good game.

That kind of competitive fun is the essence of everything I love about pickleball, and everything my brand as a creator and entrepreneur represents.