At 10•10•2, we're as passionate about the pickleball community as you are about the game.

Founded by Alana Jackler (aka AJPickleball) in 2023, Alana and her partner Jeff have dedicated themselves to building a company that feels special because what we offer each week is special.

Our apparel is all hand finished using premium athleticwear that looks great, feels great, and works great both on and off the court.

But we're not just a clothing company, we're a drop company.

Each release is an unique event, and from one of a kind apparel, to special edition equipment, to exclusive pickleball events and experiences, we're focused on bringing the best in pickleball to players all over the world.


Our mission at 10•10•2 is supporting startups, content creators, designers, and artists in the pickleball community.

Upcoming drops feature partnerships with some of the brightest companies and personalities in the sport.